Develop Human Resources and organizational leadership strategies to foster a high-performing workforce enabling the attainment of organizational goals

Deliverable 7 – HR Initiative Portfolio

Assignment Content

  1. Competency
    • Develop Human Resources and organizational leadership strategies to foster a high-performing workforce enabling the attainment of organizational goals.
    • Design a self-development plan to become an effective individual contributor to an organization.
    • Integrate behavior and development theories within an organization in order to positively impact its culture and performance.
    • Create policies and procedures that manage risk, are legally compliant, and align to organizational strategy.
    • Assess the impact of Human Resources practices on the success of the organization and its human capital.
    • Outline a change management plan that aligns to organizational strategic goals.
    • Student Success Criteria
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      You are the HR Director of a food processing company. Due to health concerns of a member of your family, you have decided to take a six-month leave of absence from your position. You are supposed to supervise several HR projects that are about to begin. The CEO has instructed you to compile a detailed portfolio of these projects so that your temporary replacement will be prepared to take over the supervision of these projects during the next six months. The included projects are:

    • Recruitment Branding Project – revising current recruitment webpage to attract Millennial applicants, to include proposed metrics that will assess the impact of the new webpage on successfully hiring desired human capital.
    • Unconscious Bias in Interviewing Project – building and delivering an in-house training program on unconscious bias and how to mitigate the same for any employee involved in the interviewing process. Training outcomes should include activities designed to proactively demonstrate an organizational culture of inclusion.
    • Employee Self-Service Project – building the capability in the HRIS to allow employees to log in and request Paid Time Off electronically, with the ability for all approvals to be given electronically through the system. This project requires change management techniques to ensure total adoption of the new processes in the organization.
    • Benchmarking Total Rewards Package Project – the company’s current salary, benefits, and other reward components are being evaluated against current market data to see if any adjustments need to be made. The total rewards package must attract and retain high-performing employees.
    • Performance Management System Project – revising the current one-time, annual performance evaluation cycle to a quarterly performance review process supplemented with ongoing coaching and support for employees. Included in the process should be a component for individual employees to self-assess and plan subsequent development and improvement activities.
    • Instructions
      Prepare a portfolio, as a written document, that provides the following information for each project:
    • Project title and focus.
    • Table of Contents.
    • Abbreviated Executive Summary.
    • Scope of project, to include:
    • Research required
    • Metrics used to assess completion and success of project
    • Parameters of activities to be included in the project
    • Expected end-state deliverables due at completion of project
    • Critical success factors for the project
    • Identification of risks if project is not completed, and steps to be taken to mitigate such risk.
    • Provides attribution for credible sources used in the portfolio.