Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid. One of the references must come from Sue, D. W., & Sue, D. (2016). You are expected to include at least one scholarly and peer-reviewed resource outside of those provided in the readings for each discussion post. I need this completed by 03/27/18 at 5pm. I am a MCFC student who is African American.

Impact of History on Worldview

Deepening your knowledge of racial and/or ethnic groups and culture in general requires an understanding of the influences that have led to a particular group’s worldview. Furthermore, how does this worldview influence the attitudes, behaviors, and values of members of that group? History plays a significant role in shaping the worldview of all cultural groups. Ultimately, as a counselor, understanding these influences assists in developing your cultural competence.

For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the history of each group and how this history has impacted the worldviews of each group’s members. Then, select one of these ethnic groups to focus on for this Discussion.

With these thoughts in mind and using a specific example from one of the ethnic groups from this week’s readings:

Post by Day 3 a summary of one aspect of the history (such as an event or a shared group experience) of the ethnic or racial group you selected. Explain the impact of this historical aspect on the worldview of the group’s members. Then, explain how their worldview and current perceptions may influence the attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors of group members. How might individuals and families negotiating biracial (i.e., identifying with two or more racial/ethnic groups) or transracial (i.e., transracial adoptee or adoptive family, etc.)  identity be impacted by the historical worldview of these intersecting identities?

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

Required Resources


· Sue, D. W., & Sue, D. (2016). Counseling the culturally diverse: Theory and practice (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

o Chapter 16, “Counseling Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” (pp. 501-523)

o Chapter 17, “Counseling Latinas/os” (pp. 525-547)

o Chapter 18, “Counseling Multiracial Individuals” (pp. 549-569)

o Chapter 21, “Counseling Jewish Americans” (pp. 615-632)

· Document: Mini–Case Studies (Word document)
These case studies are provided to support your completion of this week’s Assignment.


· Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012c). Inter-ethnic relations: Counseling interventions across demographic boundaries. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 10 minutes.
In this video, Drs. Derald Wing Sue, Teresa LaFromboise, Marie Miville, and Thomas Parham discuss counseling groups of people who come from different ethnic backgrounds.

Accessible player  –Downloads– Download Video w/CC Download Audio Download Transcript

Optional Resources

· Microtraining Associates (Executive Producer). (2011). Counseling Filipino Americans: Part 1 [Video file]. Retrieved from (approximate length: 31 minutes)

· Microtraining Associates (Executive Producer). (2011). Counseling Filipino Americans: Part 2 [Video file]. Retrieved from (approximate length: 35 minutes)

· Microtraining Associates (Executive Producer). (1994). Specifics of practice for counseling with Latinos [Video file]. Retrieved from (approximate length: 71 minutes)

· Microtraining Associates (Executive Producer). (n.d.). Counseling the multiracial population: Couples, individuals, families [Video file]. Retrieved December 24, 2012, from (approximate length: 75 minutes)



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