Review two of the project management software tools available via links in the course syllabus

  1. Review two of the project management software tools available via links in the course syllabus. Provide an overview of each software and decide if you will use either of the software for projects throughout the course and why. If you decide to use the software, what challenges, if any, do you foresee with using it? If you have used any of the software before, please share your experience and any tips you may have.


1.One of my pet project type technologies is blockchain. As many of your are probably aware of bitcoin now, value and the transfer of wealth is but one part of their use case. Medical, personal, supply chain management and many, many other uses can help to make this technology a real benefit to any organization. One of the fundamental reasons to use this technology is its security. How does the information on the blockchain remain secure?

2.I reviewed Microsoft project manager and the PMI website. I can honestly say I am not well versed with these nor do I have a well-defined skill set for using various software tools. Up until recently, aside from school, I have not had to utilize computer or programs much since my job has primarily been a physical job. I am familiar with some Microsoft products and I like how I can easily find assistance when needed. The project manager seems to have many templates that can be used to get started for people like myself who do not have much experience with creating even PowerPoints from nothing. Project management looks as though it makes it easy to analyze resources, budgets, and timelines. The PMI website seems to be a very resourceful tool. One thing I noticed is the resources that help a person get certified. I am new to project management and am curious to see what comes of this course and looking further into the PMI resources including possibly adding a certification to my resume. If I were to use the programs, I would continue my use with the Microsoft version of the product since I am somewhat familiar with their products. I am more of an old school write everything down rather than put it on an electronic kind of person but am making efforts to conform to the dependency on electronics to operate business functions. Electronic copies are easier to modify and store many files where paper takes up a lot of space which is valuable. I see some struggles for myself with both since I am not th

3. To be honest all the software tools provided to us through the course syllabus are new to me. I had never been familiar with utilizing them prior to beginning this class. After getting to know the software tools I have to admit I was impressed with Microsoft Project 2010. I like how you can easily recognize that it is a desktop application that can be accessed pretty much anywhere. You can become familiar with various tasks and get to communicate with partners of the venture. I could see myself getting used to this application as it looks comprehendable and basic. I am not much of a computer person so this tool is the perfect pick for me. This tool offers helpful formats and provides the dates of goals given (Allan, 2004). Microsoft extend allows project managers to draw in and place notes and what needs to be addressed. They are given the privelege to investigate and plan various courses and events.

I also enjoyed using the Intuit QuickBase. This tool would help when having meetings and the exchange of significant information to the venture partners. The data is easily displayed so the venture partners can get to business. A challenge to this tool would be that the data might not be strong enough or placed to where the venture partners understand it. This could stall when the work gets done and requires more time and effort. If I had to choose I would depend on the Microsoft applications since I have used Microsoft my whole life. It is what I am comfortable with.



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