World War I Infographic We have covered the issue of how and why WWI on the Western front evolved

World War I Infographic

We have covered the issue of how and why WWI on the Western front evolved into a stalemate of trench warfare as the leaders of the Allied and Central Armies did not grasp the implications of defensive firepower or the requirements to sustain firepower in an industrial age.  Known as the “Great War,”  WWI is far too complex and involved for us to cover in a couple of classes.  But I wanted to give you the opportunity to choose a topic related to WWI that you would like to investigate in greater depth.

You will research using the links and create an infographic in Canva – If you have never used Canva, you will need to create a free educational account. Click on the Canva link and sign in with Google. Use your MCPS.netaccount.

To submit the link to your infographic in myMCPS Classroom, click the SHARE button in the upper right hand corner of Canva. Then click the drop down arrow so it says “Share a link to view”,  copy the link and paste it in the space provided.

You will choose one of the topics listed below (a topic that is really of interest to you) and prepare an infographic that can explain your topic to your classmates.

  1. Battles of Attrition (pick one):
    1. Battle of Verdun,
    2. Battle of Somme,
    3. Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele),
    4. Battle of Cambrai
    5. German Offensive Spring 1918 –  Second Battle of the Marne
  2. Life and Death in the Trenches:  An overview of trench landscape from the view of an ordinary soldier. Construction of trenches, daily life, health challenges, codes of behavior, the Christmas of 1914, German v English/French fortifications.
  3. Eastern Front: Battle of Tannenberg (Germany v. Russia)
  4. Southern Front: Battle of Gallipoli
  5. Medicine –  e.g., the emergence of “shell shock,” prosthetics, masks for disfiguring injuries, ambulances, antiseptic, and anesthesia
  6. New technologies impact war (pick one)
    1. Tank
    2. Airplane
    3. Poison gas (consider ethical debate over use of gas)
    4. Submarine
  7. War at Sea – Battle of Jutland and British blockade of Germany
  8. Animals in WWI – horses, dogs, mules, pigeons, donkeys, camels, etc. (how and where were they used; logistical challenges; effectiveness)
  9. Propaganda – government and spontaneous civilian propaganda
  10. Armenian Genocide

Project Rubric

  • The information presented demonstrates a full and complete understanding of the topic and explains the connection to WWI.


  • Infographic evaluates how the chosen topic impact WWI (eg, impact on strategy of the Allies/Central Powers, the manner that warfare was conducted or the lives of soldiers)


  • Infographic contains at least 10 images/pictures/graphs related to the topic.


  • Infographic is colorful and neat. Images, colors, quotes, etc are arranged in a purposeful manner that directly address the topic.


Total      /20



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