Your are expected to prepare a 4 page paper based on the evaluation of the needs, problems,

  1. Your are expected to prepare a 4 page paper based on the evaluation of the needs, problems, and expectations related to the scenario, and produce a broad-based action plan that discusses how you plan to address those needs, problems, and expectations.

You will be expected to identify leadership issues arising from or related to the events you are evaluating.

You are also be expected to identify an actual event or events that have occurred in the past 10 years and required major public safety operational planning and preparation.

For example, if your scenario involves a major sporting event find an example of an actual event action plan or detailed synopsis of such a plan. While your report should be focused on the operational scenario, it should be “informed” by actual events by sharing the results of your research, discussing lessons learned, and incorporating references to support your writing.

You are assuming the role of the Director of Homeland Security for the City of Virtual, Maryland. The Virtual Nighthawks, a major league baseball team that is part of the East Conference of the American League, will be hosting the President of the United States (POTUS) along with the prime minister (PM) of Israel at a game.

The ballgame is expected to coincide with the first playoff appearance of a highly regarded Israeli pitching phenom who recently signed with the Nighthawks. Due to the recent flair-up of the conflicts between Israel and their surrounding Arab neighbors, many threats have been made against this US meeting of POTUS with the PM, with most of the chatter intercepted by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) referencing the baseball game.

In addition, POTUS and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently been targeting an international extremist group known as the “Gang” that is trying to join with other extremist groups to make inroads into the US. This has led to chatter being intercepted that domestic elements of the “Gang” will be trying to move against POTUS during the baseball game, as the “Gang” expects that POTUS will be relatively exposed during the game and therefore will be an “easy” target.

The Secret Service and the PM’s security detail regard the threats as credible but POTUS and the PM have refused recommendations of postponing or canceling the visit to Virtual and the ballgame. Instead, POTUS has told the Secret Service to coordinate with local and state authorities to ensure the safety of the venue during the visit.

The ballgame is scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 28, 2019, at 1:35 PM. POTUS and the PM will be flying into the Virtual International Airport on “Marine 1” about an hour before the game and meeting briefly with state and local officials before traveling by motorcade to the Nighthawks’ Park, a trip of about twelve miles, on an interstate highway that runs directly to an exit/off-ramp immediately adjacent to the ballpark.

Virtual International Airport is the closest secure location for landing and protecting POTUS’ helicopter. In addition to the threat posed by the “Gang”, a pro-Palestinian group with a reputation for peaceful protest has applied for and received a permit to protest the PM’s visit at a large open park about a one-mile walk from Nighthawks’ Park, in West Virtual Township, a small community adjacent to Virtual. The protests are scheduled to take place before and during the ballgame.

Lastly, the baseball park shares the sports center site with a football stadium used by the area’s professional and major college football teams. The football stadium is about one-half mile from the baseball park and shares common parking areas. Virtual University Panthers are scheduled to host a nationally televised conference football game starting at 7:00 PM the same day as the POTUS/PM visit.

As the Director for Homeland Security for Virtual, please complete the following tasks or answer the following questions:

• Identify your stakeholders & partners

• Identify “opponents”

• Discuss general cost considerations (monetary and otherwise)

• Discuss other potential issues/problems

These are not the only considerations you should be looking at as you prepare for this event. Be creative and try to anticipate and address as many factors surrounding the visit of these high-profile dignitaries as possible. Good luck and have fun with this assignment!!!



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